Color Therapy and How to Incorporate it into Your Home

If you’re looking to spruce up your space but not sure what hues and colors to incorporate, consider what each brings to the table. Color therapy, sometimes known as chromotherapy, is the idea that different colors affect your mood and even mental health. It’s why gray skies can feel somber and red couches may seem “loud.”  

Using the right colors in the right spaces can bring energy to a room, promote relaxation, add a dose of cheerfulness, or even encourage movement. Let’s dive into some popular colors to see what they offer and where best to use them in your home. 

Colors and What They Symbolize 

RedStrength, passion, determination 

Where to use it: Kitchens or spaces encouraging conversations and social interaction 

Orange: Energy, stimulation, creativity 

Where to use it: Kitchens or exercise rooms as it is known to stimulate appetite and increase energy 

Yellow: Joy, welcoming, optimism 

Where to use it: Kitchens, dining rooms, or bathrooms, or used as an accent color 

Green: Balance, rest, safety 

Where to use it: The most versatile color, green is great for any room 

Blue: Calm, tranquility, healing 

Where to use it: Bedrooms or areas encouraging relaxation. Ideal for well-lit spaces 

Purple: Luxury, sophistication, dramatic 

Where to use it: Bedrooms or anywhere needing a pop of drama